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50% Women in Tech


November 27, 2018 Over the last 5 years, we've worked with over 300 early-stage / idea-stage startup teams, with approximately 1/3 women founders, co-founders, or top employees. We're proud of that high rate of participation of women, and perhaps it's better than most entrepreneurship programs, but we also saw need and room for improvement. In our current Startup Scouts cohort (in participation with the Office of the Prime Minister in Lebanon, and with strategic partner Alfa Telecoms), leveraging the hybrid (online+offline, but primarily virtual) approach of the Pitchworthy platform, we have just over 50% women co-founders. We think this new [...]

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Join our Virtual Pitch Day, July 3


Virtual Pitch Day, July 3rd! 5 great startups Lebanese founders/co-founders 3 countries (Lebanon, France, Canada) your brains, energy, positivity, and support Welcome to our Virtual Pitch Day (VPD)! We have 5 great teams in 3 countries, working with mentors in 4 countries, and building great startups. Whether you're an accelerator, VC, angel, mentor, entrepreneur ... or just a person who loves learning about and supporting great startups, we'd love to have you join the video call! • Tuesday, July 3 • 5-6:30pm Lebanon time (including the optional but encouraged startup breakouts at the end) • Location: [...]

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A plan for accelerated reform in Lebanon (and beyond): Gov officials as their own first customers, and mobilizing citizens to support public efforts. (OpEd)


Dear Prime Minister Hariri, As you work to establish a new government, balancing complex issues and conflicting demands, we trust that the interests of those who call Lebanon home will be top priority. We are at a critical juncture. Our country suffers from poisoned water, inadequate and unhealthy energy supply, toxic air, infected food supplies, an underperforming education system, a broken economy, racism and a strained social fabric, declining appreciation for our rich culture, and the steady degradation of the urban and rural environments where we live, work, celebrate, and connect with each other. At the heart of these issues lay [...]

A plan for accelerated reform in Lebanon (and beyond): Gov officials as their own first customers, and mobilizing citizens to support public efforts. (OpEd)2018-06-25T22:55:18+00:00

Migration Innovation


We've been working since summer 2018 with the Business Mechanism of the Global Forum on Migration and Development (GFMD) to explore ways to enhance innovation activities in the GFMD process, and related to migration issues, and to jointly launch a "Migration Innovation Lab". The purpose of this intervention is to highlight ways technology and innovative enterprises can support efforts of governments, migration and other relevant agencies, and the GFMD process itself in addressing the diverse challenges in the migration sector. We will specifically include and respond to core issues brought up in the Draft of the Global Compact on Migration, [...]

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