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Final Scoring For: WonderEd WonderEd works on the development of skills of preschoolers – children aged between 3 and 6 years - by combining storytelling and algorithms. Of these skills are problem-solving, design [...]


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Final Scoring For Saffeh: Saffeh is a mobile application that drivers can use to book private parking spots instantly or in advance. Drivers save money, time, and energy, while owners earn extra money. [...]


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Final Scoring For: Pave Pave is a participatory online platform that thoroughly guides high school, undergraduate and graduate students in choosing a career path. Our platform is designed to connect students with competent [...]

Let’s Go

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Final Scoring For: Let's Go Let’s Go gives parents the luxury of reinvesting time in more beneficial activities be it personal or professional, rather than in coordinating or driving their kids to after [...]

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