Entrepreneurship skills are Employability and Life skills.

Pitchworthy.org helps foster those skills wherever people are, in a world-class, quantified, and affordable way, focused on marginalised communities, conflict/post-conflict countries,


We believe everyone in the world deserves world-class entrepreneurship education and support…

Pitchworthy helps leading organizations run larger & Quantifiably higher-quality startup programs, leveraging the power of technology, data, human connections, and virtual communications.


Lebanon Case Study

Read about how Pitchworthy helped the Startup Scouts bring personalized entrepreneurship education to youth across the country.


The essential skills of entrepreneurship

Read Pitchworthy’s case for entrepreneurship skills as employability skills as life skills. We call them essential skills because in times of rapid change these are the most important skills to learn.


Built on Excellence

Our team has worked at, studied at, and partnered with many global innovation leaders, such as: