Inclusive Economies Lab*

We are on the mission to provide the best innovation support for high potential projects that benefit migrants, refugees and marginalized communities across MENA region.

A program powered by Pitchworthy, AltCity, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, and our program partners:



To improve employment opportunities and conditions for marginalised communities, migrants and refugees in the MENA region.



We identify and support innovative initiatives that can contribute to strengthening inclusive economies across MENA.



We leverage proven world-class training and support methods, along with the Pitchworthy online platform, to provide high impact training and mentoring to teams, wherever they are.


Join us

There are multiple way in which you can become part of the Inclusive Economies Lab:

Program Partners

Outreach, Knowledge, Ecosystem or Funding partners. There are many ways to get involved.

Become a mentor

Program mentors

Offer a web training, mentor a specific team and join for video Q&A session


The #IELab timeline



For teams, mentors, and partners across MENA. Keep an eye out (and sign up for our newsletter to get updates on) some exciting webinars coming up!

2. Application Deadline, Sep 30

All interested team are invite to apply here. The program will be delivered 100% online, so it’s accessible to teams anywhere and everywhere across MENA.

3.Sprint Week, Oct 7-11

Intensive one week training and mentoring program focused on helping the teams address key challenges and potential growth and impact factors, plus leveraging team/project strengths.

4.Mentorship Program, Oct-Dec

Over five weeks, we’ll give you personalised training, mentorship, and support to help your project grow. After the final Online Demo Day in December, we’ll also help match top teams with other great next-stage opportunities.


In good company

What do partners and participants say about Pitchworthy programs?

Thank you Pitchworthy team, my project went a long way. In the beginning, it was an abstract idea. Now it’s grounded in the user’s needs and problems, and it is very tangible now.
— Hiba, first-time young entrepreneur
This program has been a big help for me. Something I never told anyone about is my fear of public speaking [...] I never thought I could improve that much from an online program.
— Alaa, early-stage founder
I didn’t just progress 1% every day, I probably progressed like 50% every day. I got better as a person in different aspects. My business model also improved a lot.
— Rida, first-time founder

Pitchworthy is Built on Excellence

Our team has worked at, studied at, and partnered with many global innovation leaders, such as:


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