Startup Scouts Youth Entrepreneurship Program

In 2018 we helped organize and operate a nationwide startup accelerator program for youth around Lebanon solving challenges and starting new businesses. Organized in partnership with the Office of the Prime Minister, and with out strategic partner Alfa Telecoms, we worked with young people across Lebanon, and young Lebanese abroad, to work on their startups, and learn essential skills in a fun, collaborative, tech-enabled approach.

We designed and operated this program using the Pitchworthy framework which is built atop of three main pillars.

At the start of the program all what I had was an idea. Now I have the mission, vision, preliminary business plan, a logo, social media account, and possible counsellor who will join my team
— Startup Scouts Participant
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A Global Mentor Network

Startup Scouts teams were able to engage with top mentors and trainers from inside Lebanon and globally to work with the teams, in large group, small group, and 1-on-1 sessions. Mentorship is a critical element in any career and is an element that can be easily overlooked.

We built our program to help equalize knowledge and skills availability by acting as a bridge between passionate mentors and excited early stage entrepreneurs.

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Data Driven hybrid learning journeys - precision learning at scale

We use our custom designed combination of technical and soft skills assessments and match results with activities to offer an individual experience to teams going through a nationwide program.

Participants were encouraged to self organize working sessions and meetups and in this way community was built both online and offline providing communal support, a critical element for entrepreneurs.

Our driving question is, how can we create higher quality programs by going virtual?

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The Essential Skills pedagogy

Taking a wholistic view of entrepreneurship development we designed our program on a foundation of both soft and hard skills development. Activities ranging from customer interview skills to how to prevent burnout.

Underpinning all our learning is the M.O.D.E framework which stands for a Massive Online Doing Experience. Learning by doing and then sharing those lessons in community a key element to our program philosophy.

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