Hope for Syria, and the Region


No matter how many things we’ve tried, there are always way more things that we haven’t tried.

Imagine hundreds, or thousands, or hundreds of thousands of young people and entrepreneurs across Syria, and Syrians around the world, building and growing small enterprises, solving problems, and building a future of resilience and prosperity.

The entrepreneurial mindset, combined with technology, mentorship, and basic support is an unstoppable force.

We can apply these methods to change the course of communities, countries, and yes, conflicts and other complex situations.

The one thing that we can’t afford, is to give up or be discouraged.

The Pitchworthy team has long been dedicated to leveraging technology and entrepreneurship for positive, sustainable development in the MENA region and worldwide. We’ve lived and worked in Syria (prior to the conflict), and we know what Syria was, and what it can be.

Now with the support of the Pitchworthy.co platform, we have the ability to transform lives, communities, cities, the country, and the region.

We can spin up new entrepreneurship support programs, adapted to specific challenges, or communities, and can provide world-class training and support, to larger groups, wherever they are.

Let’s leverage entrepreneurship education to build the future Syria, future region, and future world, that we all want to live in.

Let’s launch, this week, this month, and each month, new programs and opportunities to help social impact entrepreneurs address critical challenges inside Syria, and with Syrians everywhere.
— Together, we can achieve incredible things.

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